One for the Environment – SIC granted a patent for the Disposable biodegradable dish.

Disposable dish biodegradable from cassava flour achieved patent of the SIC.

The material could be used for containers or containers for fast foods, bakery and pastry, fruit, seeds, among others

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce granted the University of Cauca a patent for the creation of a biodegradable dish made from the mixture of cassava flour and fique fiber, which can be used as a container or container for meals.

The dish with good mechanical properties and is friendly to the environment, because it has cassava flour and fiber de fique and has a coating of components such as beeswax and gelatin, which makes its degradation process faster.

The container has physical properties similar to those of a conventional dish, and thanks to its components this avoids the presence of cracks, pores and fragility, due to its semi-rigid biodegradable material, this at the same time, can be used for containers or containers for meals fast, bakery and pastry, fruits, seeds, among others.


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