FIZ PatMon: Customized management of strategic patent portfolios

With FIZ PatMon, FIZ Karlsruhe now offers a new information service for automated worldwide patent monitoring.

Karlsruhe, April 2019 –Researching enterprises protect their intellectual property and their technological innovations through patent applications. In many cases, however, a patent application for an invention is not only filed in just one country, but in other countries as well.This way, a “patent family” is created. It consists of numerous patent
applications that were filed in different countries and granted for different terms. Large patent families have the advantage of a wide protective scope, but the disadvantage that, due to their size, they soon become too complex to be monitored by way of simple searching–a challenge for strategic patent monitoring.

How are patent applications handled in the individual countries? Are there any legally relevant events and changes, such as the withdrawal or expiry of a patent? Are objections filed? This information is highly relevant from an economic point of view, because changes in the legal status of a patent have direct consequences for the market environment. The business-critical question is: How can reliable, comprehensive patent monitoring be ensured?

FIZ Karlsruhe’s newly developed information serviceFIZ PatMon offers a trustworthy and efficient solution.Thanks to its large variety of monitoring options, national and international patent families can be monitored in a targeted manner.The data are of high quality, no leastdue to corrections, additions and standardizations made by FIZ Karlsruhe itself. And, what is more, FIZ PatMon’s user interface is easy to handle and does not require any search skills.

“FIZ PatMon is ideal forpatent attorneys and their staff, IP managers, engineers, and scientists with IP responsibility as well as for consultants in the fields of technology, licensing and IP who need reliable patent information but cannot afford to invest much time into the procurement of this information“, says Sabine Brünger-Weilandt, President & CEO of FIZ Karlsruhe.“FIZ PatMon is characterized by its strong functionality and delivers tailor-made results. We are pleased to be able to offer FIZ PatMon, a powerful monitoring tool for professional patent management.”

More information – in particular on how to test FIZ PatMon for free – is available on our website

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