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Enforcing IP Rights Around the World

About the Course: When it comes to enforcing intellectual property around the world, companies cannot solely rely on local intellectual property laws to enforce their rights. Infringers must be smoked...

Drafting Royalty Clauses

About the Course: This session provides an in-depth review of the unexpected consequences of including some 30 royalty clauses in licensing agreements. Mr. Verbraeken illuminates dozens of terms used ...

Unauthorized IP in Your Supply Chain

About the Course: Intellectual Property is proliferating. Supply chains are elongating. Outsourcing is diffusing. Anti-infringement compliance is withering. Government and regulatory oversight is risi...

The Implications of Microsoft v. Motorola

About the Course: The Microsoft v. Motorola verdict transcends RAND, standards setting bodies and patent pools. This decision will impact how patents are drafted, how patents are prosecuted and how pa...

IP Knowledge

The IP Knowledge section of IIPLA Resources will put together the Intellectual Property (IP) knowledge people are seeking for a particular country.

IIPLA® Services Network

IIPLA® Services Network aims to provide with the best in class cost-effective global IP Services to worldwide small & medium organizations.

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