Moderator Guidelines

Preparation: In advance of the conference, the moderator should arrange a conference call of

presenters. The moderator should review the order of presentation, the general focus of each

presentation, and the kind of issues that should be addressed in the discussion. A discussion should be

held with respect to time limits. As described, it is suggested that no single presentation comment be longer

than 15 minutes, any changes to the time frame should be discussed beforehand.

 Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. The moderator will be fully in charge of the session.
  2. The Moderator will take the charge of stage as soon as the previous session ends. The session starts with your brief introduction and introduction of session and speakers. Moderators may want to make a framing comment at the beginning of a session.
  3. If there is no previous session, Moderator needs to take the ownership of the stage and start the session as suggested above.
  4. The moderator will be in charge of the Q&A session. Moderator may want to engage with presenters and the audience in raising questions, pointing out areas of agreement/disagreement. The role involves managing the discussion and figuring out when/how to engage the audience.
  5. The moderator will present the memento to the speakers after the presentations and Q&A session.

Speaker Guidelines

Biography Submission Details:
You can email your Biography (not more than 150 words), Photograph and the title of speech.

Terms & Submission:
The submitting speaker should ensure that the presentation for the meet has been approved by all other co- presenters, if any.

Modes of Presentation:
Oral presentation (PowerPoint Presentation)

The presentation should be exclusively in English.

From the point of view of the program, the duration of the presentation should be 15 minutes.

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