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Subhadip Sarkar

Senior Director– Intellectual Property and Licensing

Cognizant Technology Solutions


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Cognizant Technology Solutions
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Senior Director– Intellectual Property and Licensing
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Subhadip works for Cognizant as the Senior Director and manages Intellectual Property, Technology Licensing and Business Alliances for the company. He is responsible for establishing and driving the IP and technology licensing strategies and implementing various IP practices across the company. He architected the corporate IP vision, implemented a structured IP management system, and established key best practices in the area. Apart from IP, Subhadip also works on India Government Affairs and Public Policy.

Subhadip has extensive work experience in the field of technology and IP management. He has been instrumental in incubating IP practices from scratch in large corporations. Some of his core competencies include managing multi-scenario IP strategies, Risk and Compliance management, developing new businesses and practice areas and growing new businesses, driving product strategies, business delivery and operations, project management, licensing and commercialization of IP, M&As, managing complex deal negotiations, Pricing and valuation of technologies, technology transfers, enabling co-creation/alliances, managing Government Affairs and Public Policy, among others.

Apart from his IP experience, Subhadip also has experience in technology, R&D and project management in his earlier companies. He was involved in several innovative engineering projects, managing execution of large complex projects, overseeing procurement, design, and implementation and commissioning of projects. He also has significant experience in sales and business development.

Subhadip speaks frequently at several industry forums, conferences/workshops and has to his credit several papers and articles/book chapters in national and international journals/conference / books, including a granted patent. He has been also recipient of various awards in National and International forums. He is an active player in the national committee of IP Owners at various national and international Trade Bodies and other Government and Private associations.
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