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Hazem Elabbadi

Managing Director

PatentBooks Inc


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PatentBooks Inc
Managing Director
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Hazem Elabbadi is a highly experienced corporate executive whose career has focused on intellectual property and technological innovation, with particular emphasis on managing large patent development and licensing database systems and teams. He is a registered patent practitioner in the US, licensed to practice in front of the US Patent & Trademark Office since 2008.

He is currently a managing director at PatentBooks Inc, a patent licensing company, where he is the head of the MENA/Gulf region. Prior to that, he worked for 15 years in Sony’s Intellectual Property Department (IPD), where he was the senior manager of operations in the US. He also managed Sony IPD’s technical operations in China and India and was the project manager for Sony’s Global Patent Portfolio Management System in Japan. He worked directly on several thousand Sony patent applications and created and managed systems handling over 150,000 patents and patent applications. Prior to Sony, he worked in Pfizer’s Bioinformatics division in the US, where he helped set up Pfizer La Jolla’s corporate laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Mr. Elabbadi is also an experienced management and IT consultant. He has worked at leading consultancies including Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte for major clients including AT&T, Blackstone, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, and Prudential.

Mr. Elabbadi’s education was in Canada and the US, in Engineering, Economics, Management, and Law.
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