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Andre Frieden

Chief IP Counsel



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Chief IP Counsel
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Mr. Frieden manages the global IP law group at Wipro, a publicly traded multinational information technology company with over $7.5 billion in annual revenue. He provides strategic guidance regarding the company’s rapidly growing patent and trademark portfolios, manages Wipro’s global and regional IP licensing programs, and advises executives in key business units and geographies on IP-focused growth and risk management strategies. He also negotiates many of the company’s leading technology offerings in automation and artificial intelligence and supports key digital transformation initiatives as well as IP-based alliances in the U.S., Europe and APAC. Previously, Mr. Frieden has served as lead in-house IP counsel at large privately-held and publicly-traded companies. Prior to that he worked at two major law firms, where he represented Fortune 100 companies, research institutions, startups and governmental organizations on a wide range of IP matters. He has published extensively on topics relating to IP protection, software licensing, cross-border technology partnerships, and data security/privacy. His legal education includes an LLM in IP Law, a Juris Doctor, and a certificate in international legal studies. He holds three passports, speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and works from Wipro’s offices in Chicago, Bangalore and London.
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