Articulating the Value of Intellectual Property

About the Course: Investor Relations professionals are tasked with revealing the investment worthiness of their companies. For many companies, their most valuable assets reside in the form of intellectual property such as patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights. The conundrum is that many IR professionals are not fluent in intellectual property vernacular. The consequence of not being able to dialog with investors relative to your company’s intellectual property is that the valuation of your company could be discounted. This session is designed to provide investor relations professionals with a primer on articulating the value of their firms’ intellectual assets. This session is designed for investment relations professionals who do not have backgrounds in intellectual property. Among the issues to be introduced during the discussion are: The Value of Patents: Portfolio Premiums Provenance Analysis Chain of Title Analysis Citation Analysis Prosecution History Infringement Detection Analysis Opposition Analysis Analysis of Technical Review Encumbrance Analysis Patent Examiner Analysis Patent Lawyer Analysis The Value of Trade Secrets: Intersection of Non-Compete Agreements Trade Secret Check List The Value of Trademarks: Trademark Versatility Market Share Acceleration International Brand Awareness Distinctiveness Separability Keyman Risk Generic Usage Risk Cultural Sensitivity Nostalgic Value Retail Visibility Apportionment Issues Secured Interests The Value of Copyrights: Catalog Size Provenance Potential for Future Productions Potential for Embedding in New Media Bonus: All participants will receive a complimentary copy of Business Model Validation. This book is an ideal resource for investor relations professionals as it discusses many ground-breaking aspects of articulating companies’ business models. About the Course Leader: David is the CEO of Patent Fairness Opinions and is internationally recognized for his expertise in valuing intangible assets such as patents, trade secrets and trademarks. Clients include companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, technology transfer offices, incubators, venture capital firms and private equity players. David is the author of four books—the most recent of which is entitled Business Model Validation—as well as dozens of articles. David developed the Certified Emerging Company Analyst and Certified Patent Valuation Analyst designations, both offered through the Business Development Academy. David has delivered related lectures all over the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Dubai, China, Thailand, Singapore, Kuwait, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and Israel.
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