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How Researchers Can Better Influence Corporate Results

About the Course: I believe innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world.— Bill Gates Understanding how to reap maximum performance from researchers is critical to achieving corporate success. There is tremendous leverage in researchers’ efforts: Approximately 10% of a company’s revenue is directed to Research and Development. According to Booz Allen Hamilton, only 15% of R&D expenses are directed to research. Thus, investments representing less than 2% of a company’s revenue–to a large extent–determine a company’s future performance. Companies must understand how to task, motivate, and incentivize their researchers. The most successful organizations must create cultures of innovation and engender behavioral shifts that will usher in a sustainable stream of innovation. The following are among the issues discussed during this session: What are the root causes of innovation fatigue and how can they be remedied? What are the most powerful innovation inhibitors? What are some of the most powerful innovation enablers? What are the core tenets of collaborative innovation? What is the importance of innovation roadmaps? How can you define areas of focus for strategic intent? How can your organization leverage its core competencies to achieve such intent? How can companies foster a culture of innovation? What are the key personal skills and behavioral characteristics that should reside within your research department? How can researchers be best incentivized? What are some of the best practices for filtering ideas? Why is it import to group ideas? What is the Gatorade mindset? What is the One Man Relay Race mindset? How do you measure results from launching a campaign to boost organizational innovation? What should management do when licensing counterparts request that its researchers sign NDAs? Course Leaders: Cheryl Perkins, Founder & CEO, Innovationedge In 2006 Business Week magazine chose Cheryl as one of the Top 25 Champions of Innovation in the world. She was also named as a top executive driving vision within the consumer goods industry (Visionaries 2006) by Consumer Goods Technology magazine. With over 20 years’ experience directing growth and innovation, Cheryl most recently served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer for Kimberly-Clark. She ran the company’s innovation and enterprise growth organizations, including research and development, engineering, design, new business, global strategic alliances, environment, safety and regulatory affairs, and oversaw innovation processes, systems and tools. She has ten U.S. Patents and several more pending. Patrick Clusman, Chief Operating Officer & Director of Innovation Capabilities Development, Innovationedge Pat is an accomplished professional with over 28 years of experience directing and managing teams and leading successful large scale programs and projects. He has a broad background in information technology coupled with exceptional collaboration and facilitation skills. He possesses an extraordinary combination of business, technical and interpersonal skills and is especially accomplished at building effective working relationships with clients and staff at all levels in the organization. He is a champion for innovation processes and capabilities, organization-wide knowledge sharing and collaboration. Prior to joining Innovationedge, Pat spent 26 years in various leadership and management roles at Kimberly-Clark and most recently was the Director, Enterprise Innovation. Pat directed, managed and led project teams that developed and deployed a standardized global personal computing infrastructure, an innovation management framework and portfolio management capabilities. Pat also defined, planned and directed several large-scale Innovation showcases and conference events.
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