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Apply Design Patent,
and get 15 years of design patent rights!
Licensed patent Attorneys and Agents file the application.
Fixed Flat Fees.

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Apply for Design Patent.

Step 1: Share sketches of your invention drawings, and if required, share more inputs over call.

Step 2: We will prepare Patent Office standard drawings.

Step 3: Our registered Attorneys and Agents will file the Application at USPTO.



+$240* Official Fee

Get “Patent Pending” status for the appearance of your invention

Up to 7 Professional Patent Drawings (Perspective, Front, back, left, right, top, and bottom views)

Complete patent application including patent drawings, preamble, figure descriptions, and claim

Design Patent Sample Images

*$240 official govt fee assumes you are classified as “micro entity” by USPTO. If you have filed more than 4 non-provisional patent apps in the past, or have an annual income of greater than $184,116, you may be classified as “small entity” or “large entity” which requires a $480 or $960 govt. fee

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