National Phase Entry in Armenia

National Phase Entry in Armenia
National Phase Entry in Armenia

Fees in Armenia

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About Armenia

Armenia is a nation, and former Soviet republic, in the mountainous Caucasus region between Asia and Europe. Here below are the Armenian Patent Application Filing details:

Deadline for PCT national phase entry in Armenia

The Armenian national phase entry deadline is 31 months from the priority date. Restoration is possible with a valid reason and the corresponding Patent Office fee.

Language for Armenia National Phase entry

The official language of proceedings before the Armenian Patent Office is Armenian. If the language of the international application is a foreign language then Armenian translation is required. From the PCT national phase entry, there is a deadline of three months for the translation submission.

Filing requirements in Armenia

For the national phase entry in Armenia, it is necessary to provide the patent office with:
– request to grant a patent;
– international application.

Documents required for Armenian Patent Application

In Case of a company filing for national phase entry in Armenia

The director/president/CEO of the company should sign the Power of Attorney. Further, the company seal/stamp should certify the power of attorney. If another authorized person signs the document then the document must be notarized. Please note that the notary public must certify both the authenticity of the signor and his power to sign the document on behalf of the company according to the Statute of the company.

In case the applicant is a physical person

Power of Authority – The person should submit the POA at the time of national phase entry or within 3 months from receiving the corresponding notification from the Patent Office. Further, there no requirement of POA’s Legalisation or notarization. Also, below are the documents for submission with the application:

  • The first page of PCT publication
  • Invention specification, claims, and abstract.

Examination of a PCT national phase entry in Armenia

The formal examination of an application starts within three months of the national phase entry. Substantive assessment is not predetermined, therefore initial patents are granted at the applicant’s liability on the basis of the formal assessment. Within nine years from the Armenian filing date, it is necessary to submit substantive examination results. A patent organization having the status of an international preliminary examination body (or another authorized agency) should carry the examination. If the application does not include examination results, the patent validity restricts to ten years from the filing date instead of twenty years.

Novelty Grace Period

As per the Armenian legislation, the novelty of the invention is intact when the disclosure of the invention is within 12 months from the priority date. The disclosing person can be both the inventor or any other person who obtains the information.

Duration of the registration procedure

In Armenia, it takes 1-2 years from the national phase entry until the grant of the patent.

Utility Model

Utility models must be new. Must be non-obvious, and should have industrial applicability. It is possible to enter the national phase of a PCT application in Armenia as a utility model. The validity time period of a utility model in Armenia is 10 years from the filing date. The method of obtaining a utility model protection in Armenia takes approximately 1-2 years from the national phase entry filing.

Representation by a patent Attorney

All foreign applicants require a registered Armenian patent attorney/agent for performing PCT national phase entry. Further, for the foreign applicants, it is mandatory to provide the patent office with the Armenian address for correspondence.

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