FIZ PatMon: Customized management of strategic patent portfolios

With FIZ PatMon, FIZ Karlsruhe now offers a new information service for automated worldwide patent m...Read More

USPTO Deputy Commissioner attended and supported IIPLA Global IP Summit 2015

Speaker Mark Powell, Deputy Commissioner, Office of International Patent Cooperation, spoke in Sessi...Read More

Drugs are excessively expensive! Can we say Patents is responsible for this?

One of the hottest-button political issues of the day is high prescription drug costs. On one side o...Read More

The rules for obtaining citizenship in the Russian Federation have been simplified

Государственная Дума Российской Федерации приняла законодательство, в соответствии с которым президе...Read More

Independent right to choose vacation time

В Трудовой кодекс Российской Федерации были внесены изменения, согласно которым ежегодный оплачиваем...Read More

Apple takes advantage of Qualcomm silence in patent infringement lawsuit

Apple and Qualcomm are at odds and find themselves in court due to patent infringement. Qualcomm say...Read More

Can you Copyright Furniture?

Furniture stores are often filled with designs that look similar to others. But is copying furniture...Read More

Who owns your tattoos? Copyright issues are all around us.

While copyright may sound like a stale and legalese-filled concept, copyright and intellectual prope...Read More

Marvel Comics Abandons Monsters Unleashed Trademark

It was a legal case with plenty of back and forth. But Marvel’s attempts to trademark the phrase “Mo...Read More

Does Watermarking Actually Cut Down on E-book Piracy?

Watermarking has been held up by some industry members as an effective way to deter e-book piracy th...Read More

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