Valuing Biotechnology Patents and Companies




About the Course:

This session provides profound insights into deciphering the Food and Drug Administration’s biotech approval process. Robert LeBoyer — a leading biotech analyst with nearly 25 years of experience — discusses a variety of technology, clinical, regulatory, sales and marketing, and capital risks associated with evaluating biotech companies.

This course includes commentary on a variety of valuation issues that arise in connection with monoclonal antibodies, cell receptors, and intracellular signaling. A review of developments in cutting-edge technologies such as genomics, gene therapy, and RNAi is provided. Drivers of biotech products targeted towards cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and orphan drugs is a particularly practical segment of this program.

This course illustrates financial analysis by providing a Product Pipeline Table, a Pipeline Valuation, a Biotech Company Revenue Projection, and a Comparable Company Table.

Course Length: Approx. 1.5 hours

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