Certified Patent Valuation Analyst


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You can’t manage what you can’t measure. You can’t monetize what you can’t value. Numerous studies report that intangible assets represent at least 70% of corporate value. The imperative of valuing patents has largely been met with anticipatory surrender on the part of corporate managers. This is unfortunate as the indifference to valuing patents is hindering the management and monetization of the largest category of corporate assets.

We believe the next decade will witness a surge in demand for analysts who can value intangible assets such as patents. Thus, The Business Development Academy has developed its Certified Patent Valuation Analyst Program. The CPVA curriculum is designed to prepare financial analysts, technology transfer professionals, intellectual property managers, licensing managers, inventors, patent lawyers and other business development executives with the skill set necessary to value patents.

One of the core components of the CPVA curriculum is immersion into the Patent Valuation Gauntlet. In deriving the value of a patent, PVG takes into account commercial value, assertion value, blocking value, cross-licensing value, reputational value as well as patent invalidity risks and design around risks.

Holders of the CPVA designation will have access to the PVG worksheets. CPVA designees will be eligible to stamp their valuations as having been run through the Patent Valuation Gauntlet.


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