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Patents and Secrecy Orders

About the Course: The Director of the US Patent and Trademark Office is authorized to order patent applications to be kept secret and not published, if such publication is deemed to be “detrimen...

Minimizing Risks Through Pre-Issuance Submissions

About the Course: This session provides a thorough overview of a variety of measures available to mount challenges to patent applications. Insight is provided into patent application challenges such a...

The Inventor’s Role in Cost Effective Patent Prosecution

About the Course: This session begins with a review of the steps involved with the typical patenting procedure — from disclosure forms to drafting the patent application and from moving the pate...

Best Practices for Drafting Provisional Patent Applications

About the Course: This course very articulately lays out the strategic implications of filing provisional patent applications as well as the intricacies of drafting provisional patent applications. At...

IP Knowledge

The IP Knowledge section of IIPLA Resources will put together the Intellectual Property (IP) knowledge people are seeking for a particular country.

Free IP Valuation Webinar

Attend IIPLA’s Free IP Valuation Webinar by Mr. David Wanetick, the creator of the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst Program, and learn about

  • Valuation of Emerging Technologies
  • Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns
  • Advanced Patent Valuation
  • Calculating Damages Resulting from Patent Infringement

And much more. 

Date & Time: 29th September 2021, 10-11 am (PT)


  • 10:00 am-10:20 am- Brief about the CPVA
  • 10:20 am-10:35 am- Question and Answer
  • 10:35 am-11:00 am- Future Events

IIPLA® Services Network

IIPLA® Services Network aims to provide with the best in class cost-effective global IP Services to worldwide small & medium organizations.

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