Conducting Patent Analysis with Pantros IP

About the Course: This webinar provides a step-by-step approach to conducing patent searches. Options for conducing specific patent searches with Pantros IP include: Semantic search Guided search Advanced search Claims search Patent number searches This session demonstrates how to filter patent search results based on factors such as relevancy and claims analysis. Viewers learn how to import and manipulate data–such as some 20 analytical factors unique to Pantros– in excel spreadsheets. This program demonstrates how to view backward and forward citation analysis as well as the number of patent classes associated with such patents. Viewers will see graphical representations of potential licensees. The program also explains how groups of patents can be researched and compared to competing groups of patents. Bonus: Registrants to this webinar will receive five white papers that explain best practices for conducting patent searches with Pantros IP as well as a guide to the metrics that constitute Pantros’ Patent Factor Reports. Course Leader: Megan Scroggins, Operations Manager, Pantros IP Megan drives daily operations for Pantros IP, a leading enterprise software company with a worldwide reach. She facilitates timely resolutions for customer inquiries and IT problems. Megan is Administrator for internal systems access. She conducts extensive data translation and processing for patent analytics.
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